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For daily updates summarizing media coverage of environment and health

Current content found in Protecting Our Health has been transferred to the new web site for the 650-496-1914 (CHE).

For peer-reviewed papers and other science information, please visit the new CHE website at 865-220-5150. For the time being, Protecting Our Health will serve as an archive of science content.

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detachability compiled by CHE scientists.
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Welcome to the science website for the Collaborative on Health and the Environment, CHE.


This site tracks emerging scientific evidence on links between diseases, disorders and disabilities and possible environmental causes.

We want to make new information accessible to people who care about these issues and who are looking for answers, not just about the "why's" but also the "what's," ... as in "what can I do?"

Along the left you'll see a list of conditions that science now plausibly links to the effects of environmental contaminants.

The science is not certain... science never provides absolute certainty... but the evidence is strong enough to warrant careful consideration and to suggest preventative steps that can decrease risks.

Follow the links from that menu to more detail on where the science stands on each of the listed conditions. For each you'll find an overview of what we know, summaries of new research results, links to resources and a bibliography of important scientific references.

This list will grow as new scientific findings strengthen suggested links to other conditions, and as CHE's resources allow development of new material.




Along the top you'll find links to additional resources with this site:

  • Core themes: insights into the revolution in science now underway on environmental causes; on the limits of what science can tell us; and on science and precautionary action, among others.Common sense steps: what does current scientific understanding suggest you can do to take precautionary actions that will reduce risks?Commentary: invited commentary from scientists who work on these issues and have new insights.Press: a running compilation of press coverage about links between contamination and health.Events: what is happening around the country that would give you an opportunity to learn more.
  • About CHE: a link to CHE's website.

And in the lower left are three more links: one providing background on the team behind this site, a second for sending email comments, and the third, which offers a subscription to an email alert, for notifications about new additions to the site.